ECE Department


Offered Courses

    • B.Tech
      • Student Intake: 120 Seats
    • M.Tech
      • Communication Systems: 18 Seats
      • Embedded Systems & VLSI: 18 Seats
    • Polytechnic
      • Students Intake: 120 Seats


What is Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)?
            Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the prominent engineering disciplines where non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic circuits, devices and systems, typically also including passive electrical components and based on printed circuit boards. The term denotes a broad engineering field that covers important sub fields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related engineering fields.

         Electronics and communication engineering course has wonderful job opportunities in electronics and software companies. All electronic devices need software interface to control and operate and those interfacs have to be developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers. It also gives great opportunities in Research and Development sector.